Stay Cool in Summer


Summer season means when mercury level rises up and the scorching sun has potential to drain us out completely. If we ignore this we are putting our body in risk. Many feel dehydrated during summer months and experiencing low energy level is another symptom of being hit by it. Hence, it is important that we should take extra care during the hot season. The best way to keep your body cool this summer is by getting your diet right. This will reduce internal heat and make you feel more comfortable with the soaring temperatures. While cold drinks and frozen desserts might seem cooling, they are not. Instead, they affect you adversely. Here is a list that will cool you down and keep you healthy.



Make sure you are drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day, and never go out in the heat without having a glass of water. 'Matke ka pani' is a good idea as soil has magnetic power and helps remove the impurities, besides keeping the water cool and at a pleasant temperature.



Watermelon, a seasonal summer fruit comes for a reason. As it contains 91.45 per cent water, it helps in fulfilling your body’s water requirement. Also, loaded with anti-oxidants properties, watermelon gives you a wonderful cooling effect.



Loaded with high amount of water content, it is great to eat melons during summer. They help you in staying hydrated and gives you a cooling and refreshing effect.



A simple glass of the good old nimboo paani is all that you need to stay cool this summer. Not only does this tasty drink keep you hydrated, but also has a bunch of health benefits. A chilled glass on a hot summer afternoon is all that it takes to regulate your body temperature and bring your energy level back to normal.



‘Cool as a cucumber’- heard that one, right?  Cucumbers instantly hydrate the body and bring down body heat. Snack on them as a salad or with your favorite dip them into a juice with ginger and some lemon. There is no wrong way to consume them.



The king of fruits is your best alternative to reducing body heat. There are myriad ways of incorporating it into your diet. Have it raw, as aam panna- that quintessential summer drink, as chutney or curry. Mangoes are great for digestion, cure heat strokes and boost energy.

Coconut Water


Coconut water is the best summer drink. This ‘not-so-expensive’ drink is available in almost all fruit shops and is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It has cooling properties that help you fight against the hot weather. Studies also show that drinking coconut water regularly also protect against cancer.



This inexpensive herb is easily available with almost all vegetable vendors. Adding mint in curd, chaach or in raita could give you added benefits. You can also prepare mint chutney, which is a common thing prepared in almost all Indian houses. Mint not only keeps your body temperature cool but also gives you a refreshing effect.



Eat a lot of onions this summer. They are especially great at preventing sunstroke. Add them to dips, raitas, curries, salads and chutneys to help keep you cool.

Green Leafy Vegetables


Having green leafy vegetables around the year gives you numerous benefits. And adding them to your daily diet is also beneficial as green leafy vegetables contain high amount of water content. Remember, avoid over-cooking these vegetables as it could cause loss of water content in them.



Have it as buttermilk, lassi, raita or simply eat it straight out of a bowl, curd is the perfect coolant for your stomach this summer. If you face problems with your digestive system especially in the summer opt for a bowl of curd after lunch. You can also add fruits to make some desserts.

Ayurveda Tips

Avoid Heat Up Foods

Avoid foods that will produce heat in your body and become hazardous. Avoid sour fruits, citrus fruits, beetroots and carrots that tend to heat up your body. Limit the intake of garlic, chili, tomato, sour cream and salted cheese to avoid hampering your system. Eat more salads, as they are cooling, especially when eaten for lunch. Try avoiding dark meats as they heat up your body.

Eat on Time

Always eat when your digestive fire is at its strongest, which is during lunch (mid-day). Missing your lunch during summers make you feel irritated and cranky.

Bring Coconut Oil

According to the book, in the morning, as a part of your daily routine, rub 5-6 ounces of coconut oil on your body before taking a bath. It gives a calming, cooling and soothing effect to the skin. You can use sunflower oil alternatively.

Avoid Hot Drinks Or Water

Drinking hot beverages will upset gut health. This is why you must always choose to drink beverages at room temperature in order to balance it.

Avoid Ice Cold Drinks

Ice cold drinks only inhibit digestion and create toxins. Your digestive system has a digestive fire that is responsible for converting food into energy. Drinking chilled is almost like putting off the digestive fire causing various health problems.


Low energy levels are a common issue faced by many of us in summer due to dehydration but we can combat it all by making some diet and lifestyle changes. Stay healthy and cool in this summer.

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